Cervical Facet Syndrome

This often presents after a minor to moderate traumatic onset with pain presenting in the neck and arm. Sometimes the pain can appear without any trauma.

As a result of this, the facet joints or deep muscles of the neck become irritated causing a referred discomfort down the arm.
There generally won’t be any weakness down the arm however the muscles around the shoulders tend to be tight.

Treatment may include gentle traction of the spine, myofascial work around the hypertonic muscles and mobility work to affect the joints.

Torticollis (Wry neck)

Torticollis may often present in a range of different presentations based upon age and cause.

The cause may be due to a hit to the head or neck but you may even wake from sleeping in an awkward position. Often there will be painful restriction in movement of the head into rotation and/or flexion of the head, with muscular spasm around the neck.

Your chiropractor will assess the musculature and joints around your neck, conduct orthopedic and neurological testing and may refer for further testing if necessary. Generally a wry neck will resolve on its own after a couple of days, however chiropractic treatment can be helpful in addressing the tight muscles and restricted joints.