Lower Back Pain

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Sciatica is often described as pain in one leg greater than the presenting low back pain.

The pain is only noted on the back part of the leg that radiates into the foot or toes with constant numbness and pins and needles.
It is caused by the compression or pressure of the sciatic nerve which runs from the spinal cord out to the legs. This compression can occur due to a herniated disk, degeneration at the vertebral level or disc protrusion.

There are a range of risk factors which increase your likelihood of developing sciatica which include personal factors like age, where the peak incidence is found to be between 45-64 years, whether you smoke and occupational factors. These may include jobs that require strenuous activity including frequent lifting, especially whilst twisting and driving, where there is full vibration of the body.

Initial care includes decreasing acute pain, which may include the use of passive care techniques like spinal manipulation and soft tissue work, followed by a specific exercise plan.

Sacroiliac Joint Sprain

What is it?

This often presents as discomfort over one of the sacroiliac joints of the low back after standing up from sitting, lying or from lifting objects. People often describe the pain as ‘stabbing’, ‘sharp’ or ‘dull’ in nature which is often relieved by lying down or sitting.
Pain may radiate down the back of the leg and into the knee and be aggravated by bending/twisting, standing up from the sitting position and rotating in bed.

What can be done?

Manual therapy: Specific chiropractic adjustments to fixated joints can often provide relief to hypomobile (areas that are restricted) joints around the low back which may be implicated in SIJ dysfunction. Soft tissue work which may include myofascial release work to tight muscles around the buttock and flank muscles can help to ease some of the pain caused by muscular spams.

With acute SIJ sprains, your chiropractor may prescribe you with a brace to help support this joint complex.

You will be given some exercises to assist with stabilization around the low back and core as this is often presents with a weakened muscular system.

Herniated or Bulging Discs

Between each vertebra in the spine, a gel-filled disc exists to separate these spinal segments, gives mobility to the spine, and acts a shock absorber.

A damaged disc may bulge and push into the spinal canal. This disc material may cause the release of irritating substances and inflammation around the nerve root or push directly onto the nerve.

If the disc is herniated in the low back, discomfort will often be felt into the low back and leg. Parts of the foot may also be involved.
A herniated disc in the neck may cause intense pain in to the shoulder, arm and/or hand.

A ‘shooting’ sensation may be felt when sneezing or coughing. People with symptoms of a herniated disc, often notice tingling and numbness in the area supplied by the affected nerves.