Lane Chiropractic Warrnambool, located on the South West side of Warrnambool, provides quality chiropractic care in Warrnambool and the surrounding areas while expanding our qualifications into Neuro-developmental pediatrics.


Chiropractic is a natural form of healthcare with an emphasis on the spine, nervous system and how this relationship affects overall health. Chiropractors are trained to assess, diagnose, prevent and manage neuromuscular issues of the body. We work with sporting injuries like strains and sprains, through to pre and postnatal discomfort. Everyday lifestyle related issues like headaches and general back pain caused by posture are also common presentations in our practice. 

Chiropractor Warrnambool


At Lane Chiropractic Warrnambool we ensure that every treatment is suitable to your age, specific presentation and preference.

Combining active care into your sessions, which may include specific exercise, dietary and lifestyle advice, is vitally important in reaching your health goals.

Yoshi is trained in a variety of techniques which he will adapt specifically to you, ensuring the best possible outcome. 

This may include: 

• manual joint adjustments or mobilisations
• biomechanical blocking
• soft tissue and myofascial release techniques
• exercise rehabilitation 

“Our focus of care is to allow people to take an informed and empowered approach to their health, to prevent and manage injuries and live optimally”